What is the role of Account Managers?

An advertising campaign doesn’t ‘magically’ go from concept board to market by itself. An agency's Account Manager is the executive who guides the process of building the campaign. From client input and work-flow to budgets and billing, Account Managers are responsible for many tasks in the process.

Most Account Managers start their careers as entry-level assistant account executives, learning the ropes with limited responsibilities on few accounts.

Account Managers connect an agency's creative efforts with advertisers’ needs. They maintain relationships with executives of client businesses, oversee the agency’s account team across all disciplines and develop strategies for clients.

In short, the Account Manager is accountable for all aspects of the delivery of work to the client. But the account leader’s role goes beyond merely giving a client what he wants. Account Managers are problem solvers who analyse markets and help advertisers develop business goals for their goods and services.

Every day is different for account managers, but routine tasks include updating status reports for clients, receiving creative changes from clients, relaying those changes to creative staff and supervising the account’s finances.

Account Managers share specific personality and work traits: they are able to juggle multiple client needs while manoeuvring sudden changes of direction in the marketplace. They're organised and methodical, and possess honed people skills.