What is an Art Director?

The Art Director is the one partner in a creative team, alongside a Copywriter. Together they interpret a communications brief and come up with a creative solution that answers the brief. Sounds easy, right?

Not necessarily.

The task of imagining and conceptualising a great visual idea that immediately captures the attention of the target audience is never easy. But when it works… oh boy, the sense of satisfaction and pride is awesome!

Art Directors, like Copywriters, have to be imaginative and insightful creative professionals, able to identify a relevant, fresh concept that cuts through the plethora of messages hitting consumers on a daily basis.

The Art Director couples visuals and words to communicate a brand message, or a retail offer. To be original takes an intelligent mind, a well-read and street-wise person.

Our motivation stems from taking a unique ‘big idea’ and executing the campaign in an elegant, memorable and well-crafted way. This is achieved by having an understanding of the brand culture and the brand’s positioning in the market place. We also have to understand the target market, down to the level of how consumers think and behave.

Finally, we are concerned with crafting our ideas to ensure that the concept is beautifully and consistently executed in all media.