What is a Copywriter?

The Copywriter is the proverbial wordsmith: someone who loves language and the ability of the written and spoken word to influence minds and motivate action.

We love to use words to create stories that live in the mind of a consumer. Every brief requires a unique approach and creative solution and we work in tandem with our visual art partner, the Art Director.

The writer’s mission is to invent an idea which is then executed through copy—in the form of print ads, a television commercial, a radio spot, a billboard or through online media.

The Copywriter has to decide how to engage with the target audience; for example, whether to entertain, or inform; whether to use emotion or appeal to the rational side of the brain.

We are passionate about crafting—turning an idea into an action. To do this we work closely with Art Directors to come up with fresh ideas that a client can’t wait to see on television or in print, or hear on radio.

The Copywriter’s role has diversified with the rise of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. Today, a writer has to be multi-skilled. It’s not only about communicating a message. Instead we need to start a conversation, inviting the public to engage with a brand.

Writing is great fun, and it is immensely rewarding to Copywriters to know that their words have impact on the lives and actions of others.