Is advertising for you?

Getting to grips with the reality of the advertising profession.

Advertising is a fast paced, highly creative, stimulating and fun profession that can be incredibly rewarding. It is a brutally competitive field where demanding clients, tight deadlines and long hours often define the job.

In spite of this, the rewards are many: intellectual stimulation, sharing a common passion for excellence, the visceral thrill of being involved in a successful campaign and, of course financial reward for a job well done.

In an article ‘Why Advertising is the best job in corporate America’ it is described as follows: “Advertising is a unique combination of art, creativity, mathematics, industrial psychology, marketing, media and a host of other disciplines. Advertising is one of the few careers where you can see the results of your work.”

Be in no doubt, getting into the advertising profession is a competitive process; there are some seriously talented and clever people working in the profession in South Africa. To equip yourself for a job you need a passion for advertising, you must be a team player, tenacious and smart!