Get into advertising?

6 tips for the next generation of advertisers!

There are many ways that you can work towards a career in advertising. Here are our top tips:

1) Investigate! Read up as much as you can about what your ideal job would be all about.
2) Choose school subjects that will benefit your tertiary or advertising school education and which are needed for the career path you have chosen.
3) Experience the job. By spending time at an advertising agency, the local newspaper, and radio or television stations during your holidays will provide you with a good idea and a taste for what the advertising profession is all about.
4) Study at the advertising profession’s official advertising school, the AAA School of Advertising, and you’ll receive a free internship at an advertising agency or design company.
5) Compile an amazing portfolio and short yet compelling CV after graduating. You need to stand out in order to secure and nail that job interview.
6) Be confident!