What is a Strategic Planner?

Strategic Planners execute and interpret research that enables the agency to keep in touch with the market and understand what the consumer wants. The Planner has access to social and demographic data and direct access to consumers through quantitative and qualitative research.

Quantitative research deals in numbers and provides the agency with an objective view of the customer for the product or service on offer and gives an indication of the statistical likelihood of success or failure for a product.

In qualitative research a small number of consumers discuss a product or creative concept in depth, allowing the client an insight into the consumers' attitudes.

Planning is a never-ending process of defining and redefining goals and objectives, developing strategies, and evaluating advertising results. The planning process begins before research and continues after the advertising campaign has run its course.
Planners, usually in tandem with the account management team, meet the client to define marketing and advertising objectives. Then the Strategic Planner meets with the agency's media planners and creative people to determine the appropriate advertising strategy.

With the client’s approval, the plan becomes the blueprint for the agency's creative direction and media plans.