What is a Traffic Manager?

Traffic Managers are responsible for scheduling all jobs and the work-flow through the various stages of development to ensure campaigns are ready on time, remain within budget and adhere to the appropriate quality standards.

Scheduling is a critical part of the Traffic Manager’s role. Agencies plan advertising campaigns to appear at specific times and dates in newspapers and magazines, or in television and radio commercial breaks. Publishers and broadcasters provide agencies with copy dates, which are their deadlines for receiving finished advertisements. Traffic managers draw up schedules to ensure that advertisement production progresses efficiently through its different stages and completes on time. They issue schedules to each member of the agency team working on a campaign and provide key dates for clients to review and approve work.

Traffic Managers coordinate the work of different people inside and outside the agency and discuss the scope of work, schedules and budgets with the account management team to prepare a framework for planning workflow. They also consult Media Planners and Buyers to confirm deadline dates for the final material.